Jonathan Mayhew

The stars turn and a time reveals itself.

  ‘The stars turn and a time reveals itself’. I drew the constellation the Horologium, the time constellation, on top of a map of Berlin. Its’ path lead me through the city. Where the constellation’s stars fell, I stopped and recorded the sounds of the city, taking photographs of various things that interested me along the way. This walk, lead by the stars took me to unfamiliar places, allowing me to see the city in a way I usually wouldn’t. We have used the stars to guide us for centuries, from sailors guiding their ships at night to astronomers and astrologers telling us more about ourselves and where we came from.

In the not so recent past you could get audio postcards, little vinyl records that gave you a two-minute recording of a city. Now everything we do is recorded. A short walk down the street with your phone in your pocket will leave a trace, a ghost of your life. This linked with your credit card, your computer or phone searches, tagging on or off public transport and the all-present security cameras build pictures of us, ones that we cannot see.  We don’t always question what we’re giving away for a little convenience, but sadly we have gone from consumer to being consumed, our data is worth more than its weight in gold. We have changed how technology works and in turn it has changed us.

A series of new works will be presented for this exhibition including the first part of a trilogy, ‘The stars turn and a time reveals itself’.

Jonathan Mayhew, born in 1981 in Dublin, is an artist living and working between Goteborg, Dublin and various other places. He graduated from the National College of Art & Design in 2005 and continued on to the MFA program there, graduating in 2007. He is kindly supported by The Arts Council of Ireland.

Recently he has shown in ‘digital_self’ at IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art), Dublin, Ireland, 2018, ‘Documentary Poetics’ at Smock Alley for The International Literature Festival Dublin, 2018, ‘Pro Tempore’ at Kristiansand Kunsthall, Norway, 2017 The Way Things Go: An Homage, at The Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland, 2017 ‘ArtWorks 17’, at Visual Carlow, Ireland 2017 and had a solo exhibition ‘I wanted to write a poem’ in Wexford Arts Centre, Ireland, 2017 where he was the 2015 EVA award winner. He is currently showing new works at Konstepidemin Gallery’s summer show in Göteborg, Sweden.


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